Here are some of the travel nursing benefits we offer.

The benefits you deserve.

Our healthcare professionals take care of our communities day in and day out. We owe it to them to ensure they are equally well taken care of. So as part of our commitment to bettering the travel healthcare experience, we offer industry-leading travel nursing benefits. Check them out below.

Pluto's Travel Nursing Benefits

  • Low-Cost Health Insurance

    Many agencies offer sub-par health insurance plans that eat away at a traveler’s take-home pay. Pluto, on the other hand, understands that a dependable, affordable health plan is instrumental to a traveler’s happiness, mental health, and job satisfaction. As a result, we provide our professionals with top-notch plans covering medical, dental, vision, and life insurance starting at only $21/PP.

  • True Overtime

    Our overtime structure accounts for more than your typical time and a half. When our travelers work overtime, they receive 1.5x their hourly wages with the stipend included in this calculation. Thus, Pluto pays substantially more for overtime hours than other healthcare agencies. With the number of extra hours that healthcare professionals naturally tend to work, this additional stipend pay adds up quickly.

  • Retirement Plans

    Our employees deserve to feel secure during and beyond their time at Pluto. So we provide our travelers with the same retirement plan as our corporate employees. After 6 months of consistent employment with Pluto, our travelers are eligible for Pluto’s 401K. This features a 100% match up to 3% and 50% match up to 5% - effectively a 4% Pluto match. Even better, all Pluto contributions are 100% vested with you as soon as you earn them – so they continue with you even if you stop working with Pluto.

  • Self-Service Benefits Platform

    Our value of convenience is reflected in our benefits and pay platform, Workday. This recent implementation gives our travelers on-demand, convenient self-service access to their pay portal, retirement contributions, insurance elections, direct deposit, and so much more.

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