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Pluto 101

Where does Pluto Healthcare staff?

Pluto currently offers positions in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

What positions does Pluto Healthcare staff for?

Pluto hires travel RN and Allied professionals of all specialties.

How is the Pluto Healthcare approach to travel different from other companies?

We take a regional approach to travel nursing in order to provide our communities with sustainable, long-term staffing solutions. We connect travelers to assignments in their extended, regional community that better fit their, and their community’s needs. Learn more here.

How do I become a travel nurse with Pluto Healthcare?

Provide your information here and a recruiter will reach out to you. They will review your experience and share current openings with you.

General Travel Nursing

What is travel nursing?

A travel nurse has the same duties as a salaried, long-term nurse. However, they work short-term positions at various healthcare facilities across the country to help fill staffing gaps and keep healthcare facilities running smoothly.

Why are travel nurses needed?

The US healthcare system is experiencing higher than-ever demand for services. As a result of this, there is a shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals. To help keep up with demand, travel nurses fill short-term positions during high-need periods to ensure patients receive adequate, timely service. 

How long are travel assignments?

Assignments are typically 8-13 weeks in duration. Facilities love to extend successful travelers, so you may be able to continue your assignment for an additional 8–13-week periods!

How do pay rates work?

The Pluto Healthcare App gives you the highest possible pay rate, transparently posted on all jobs! The Pluto App shows you both the travel pay and local pay rates for all jobs. Also, the travel rate will include a fully-taxed hourly rate plus stipend (Per Diem Rate) that includes the highest current Lodging and Meals & Incidentals Rates for that assignment’s location. If you are interested in a closer assignment, you will be able to see the all-in local pay rate. No more negotiating with recruiters!

Overall, Pluto’s philosophy is to pay our travelers the maximum pay rate possible. We do this by eliminating unnecessary internal bureaucracy and leveraging technology to improve efficiency. You will appreciate the transparency the portal/app provides and will experience best in industry pay from the outset!

What experience level is required to be placed in a hospital assignment?

Experience requirements are set by the hospitals. Most hospitals require at least 1-2 years of current experience within the clinical specialty you desire to work.

What specialties have the most travel nursing positions available?

ER, ICU, Telemetry, and Med Surg are the most in-demand travel nursing specialties. However, needs change every day, and we have openings across most RN specialties. Get in touch with a recruiter to learn about current openings and be contacted for future assignments in your specialty.  

What are the benefits of travel nursing?

Nurses love travel nurses because of the flexibility it offers. Travelers are in control of the assignments they choose to accept, meaning they can choose the location, length, shift, and pay rate that best meets their needs. In addition to this, travel positions often pay more than standard salary positions and offer stipends for housing and travel. View our Benefits page for a full review of benefits offered by Pluto Healthcare.

What happens after I apply for an assignment?

A recruiter on our staff will contact you to schedule a quick call to finalize your candidate packet. As experts, they will also help you prepare for your interview with the facility and put you in the best position possible to get the assignment you want. After this quick call, your profile will be submitted and you can track your submission status right in the App!

What happens after I complete my assignment?

As the end of your travel assignment approaches, your recruiter will be in contact with you to discuss a new opening. In some cases, a healthcare facility may ask to extend your assignment if they are in need of continued help.

Can I be a travel nurse in my own state?

Yes! In order to qualify for a travel assignment, you only need to live 50 miles from the healthcare facility you want to work at. However, we also offer local nursing assignments if you are interested in positions closer to home.

Where can I find housing?

Because you receive a stipend for your housing, you are free to source housing from wherever you like. Most nurses find housing on sites such as and

Is housing covered?

Travel nurses are provided with a stipend for housing; however, it is up to them to find housing within their budget.

What licensure do I need to be a travel nurse?

Nurses must have appropriate licensure for the state they want to travel in. However, some states share licensure requirements, making it easier for travel nurses to move between states. Talk to your recruiter to better understand what states you are currently eligible to work in.

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