About Pluto

What it means to work with Pluto Healthcare for your travel nursing career.

A travel nursing agency that serves a community, not a corporation.

At Pluto Healthcare, our mission is to mobilize and retain a regional healthcare workforce through convenient, community-oriented staffing solutions – and we’ve been doing it successfully since 2019. Healthcare professionals have experienced a turbulent last few years with little quality support from the travel nursing staffing agencies that ask so much of them. For this reason, Pluto is dedicated to creating a more meaningful approach to travel healthcare staffing, one that puts a community, its travel professionals, and health systems first. 

Our travelers love us and it shows in our industry-leading extension rates and next-assignment acceptance rates. By placing travelers in assignments within their extended community, we’ve found a formula for sustainable staffing that meets the needs of local healthcare systems and our network of travel healthcare professionals.

That’s staffing that serves a community, not a corporation. 

For travel nursing professionals, working with Pluto means:

  • Regional Assignments

    The benefit of regional travel nursing assignments closer to family, friends, and communities with the same benefits as a national traveler.

  • Superior Recruiters

    Committed recruiters who fit travelers to the perfect assignment, rather than just filling an opening. This thus ensures that our healthcare professionals thrive in their workplaces.

  • A Proactive Back-Office Team

    Pluto's internal team strives for simplicity and streamlined processes, thus reducing onboarding times and paperwork headaches.

travel nursing professional pushing a wheelchair

The heart of Pluto.

Pluto Healthcare is privately owned, allowing our team to operate as a boutique agency prioritizing quality over quantity. We are committed to serving our community, travelers, and healthcare systems…not investors or board members. As part of this, we’ve adopted four key values to keep our business committed to quality service.


We strive to simplify the travel healthcare experience for our customers in both process and location. We do this by connecting healthcare professionals to assignments that fit their lifestyles and also providing a tech-enabled, seamless recruitment experience.


Quality underlines every movement within our organization. It means intentional recruiter conversations, industry-leading benefits, and always on-time start dates. No exceptions. Patients expect quality care and consistency. Healthcare professionals and our clients also deserve the same.


Pluto is built on community and we have centralized our services to reflect that. By supporting a defined region of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia, our focus is narrowed to facilities and healthcare professionals in our own backyards – in turn, building a better community for us and our customers.


Travel professionals deserve a staffing agency that keeps pace with innovation. We promise to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of healthcare staffing by supporting facilities and healthcare workers in the next era of healthcare.

Professions & Service Area

Pluto Healthcare currently places registered nurses and Allied professionals in the region it calls home – Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. By serving our own community, we hold a unique stake in ensuring our healthcare system is well-equipped to provide our family, friends, and neighbors with the healthcare they deserve.

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